2 For 1 Benefits

Want a quick way to supercharge your morning skincare routine? Incorporate a little facial massage as you cleanse your face. It's incredibly easy, and the benefits include increased blood flow, improved skin texture, and more tone to your facial muscles. By now, the chances are high you have a well-established morning skincare routine that, at its most basic, involves washing your face. Tie a facial massage habit onto your daily cleansing habit, and it will be easy for you to remember and incorporate. Start with 1 simple facial massage move and include a couple more as you go along. But for an easy beginning step, simply do the following: After wetting your face with lukewarm water, apply the cleansing product, and massage into skin using your knuckles to provide a little more pressure to the cheek muscles and along the jawline. Continue for a minute, and then rinse off the cleansing product as normal!

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