3 Types of Dark Circles

Here are 3 types of dark circles and how to treat them. (1) Hyperpigmentation eye bags. If you notice that the skin around your eyes is darker than the rest of your face, you might be experiencing eye bags caused by hyperpigmentation. And the best skincare solution for hyperpigmentation is products containing brightening and lightening ingredients. (2) Sunken sockets. Sometimes the shape of your eye area can cause the appearance of eye bags. If you have sunken sockets, beauty experts commonly recommend treatments that include filling the area with dermal filler or a fat transfer. (3) Blue vein eye bags. Blue veins that show through the skin are another cause of under-eye bags. If this is your issue, you need to find an eye cream that consists of ingredients that reduce the amount of blood at the skin's surface to make veins appear less noticeable.

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