Acne Facts

Ready to review some acne facts? Ahead are 4 things you absolutely should know about your breakouts. (1) Acne-fighting ingredients aren't all the same. Using the correct acids and toners to treat your breakouts is essential for clearing up your skin. (2) Your diet could be messing with your complexion. A diet high in sugar can trigger breakouts. That includes foods like refined carbs, dairy, and alcohol which your body processes like sugar. (3) Stress levels matter. When you're stressed out, it can trigger a spike in cortisol levels which crank up the production in your oil glands, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. (4) Hormonal acne needs extra care. OTC acne treatments won't do much for hormonal breakouts. Instead, try working with your derm to create a prescription routine to regulate acne-causing hormones.

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