At-Home Laser Treatments

Laser resurfacing, previously done only at beauty salons and dermatologist offices, are now being provided at-home through at-home laser treatment gadgets. Lasering for the skin targets fine lines around the eyes, acne scarring, enlarged oil glands, and other skin concerns. Certain at-home laser machines are modeled after rejuvenating the skin by triggering collagen production. And some laser machines take a more intensive approach, creating superficial wounds to the skin that take weeks to heal. When deciding whether to purchase an at-home laser treatment machine, first think about what condition you hope to target. And then research the best treatment plan for that skin concern. Our first choice is to get a recommendation from your dermatologist, someone who knows your skin concerns, before making any purchase. And of course, in-office laser treatment is always the best choice in terms of safety and best outcomes.

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