Beauty Habits To Break

Are you making these common beauty mistakes? Read on to find out the 3 beauty habits that keep you from achieving clearer, more vibrant skin! (1) Using a toner that's not right for your skin type. Toners containing alcohol can be irritating if you have sensitive or dry skin. (2) You're not using the right moisturizer. Certain moisturizers are occlusive. They create a barrier over your skin and prevent transepidermal water loss. However, if this is the only type of moisturizer you use, this won't allow moisture back into your skin. Therefore, It's best to pair occlusive agents with moisture-binding ingredients and products for optimal skin hydration. (3) You work out with a full face of makeup. Sweat and bacteria mixing with your makeup can sink into your skin and clog your pores. If you must wear heavy makeup at the gym, try a tinted moisturizer instead of a heavy foundation.

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