Dry Skin - Care

Dry skin is caused by a loss of oil and moisture to the skin. Skin naturally produces oil, which prevents moisture loss and provides suppleness and smoothness to its texture. When oil production decreases due to age, environment, or other factors—the result is dry skin that feels tight and appears dull and tired. Locking in hydration is an essential step for those with dry skin issues.

How to tell if you have dry skin? Dry skin appears dull and rough and generally feels tight and uncomfortable. To identify if you have dry skin, wash your face, and allow it to dry without applying product. Once dry, press a blotter to your T-zone. If the blotter comes away without oil, and if your skin also feels crackly or itchy, you likely have this skin type.

How to care for dry skin: Avoid long, hot showers, which strip the skin of its natural moisture. Also, skip harsh soaps and cleansers with alcohol or AHAs. Moisturize immediately after washing your face or stepping out of a shower. Pro tip: Use two layers of moisturizer for longer-lasting hydration. The first layer should be a lighter hydrating formula. The second layer, a heavier moisturizer on top, to seal in the hydration.⠀

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