Get More Out of Your Skincare Products

If you want your skincare products to work to their full potential, you need to apply them correctly. For example, some ingredients should be used on slightly damp skin, while others require the skin to be fully dry for the best results. Ahead are 3 ingredients in skincare and how to apply them for the best results. (1) Active ingredients. Anytime you use an active ingredient like vitamin C, you should apply it to a dry complexion, unless directed otherwise by the manufacturer. This is because irritation may occur when applied to wet skin. (2) Moisturizing ingredients. In general, moisturizers should go on slightly damp, freshly washed skin to help provide more hydration and seal in moisture. (3) Sunscreen. Whether you use a mineral or chemical sunscreen, it should always go on dry skin. Applying it on wet skin can hinder its ability to protect you from UV rays.

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