How to Reset Irritated Skin

Experiencing stinging, burning, or irritated skin? Try these tips to calm and reset your skin back to baseline. (1) Identify the cause. The first step to resetting your skin when it looks irritated is identifying the cause. For example, if you're using a new product with an active ingredient that may be causing your irritation, stop using it until it subsides. (2) Strip back your skincare routine. If removing a single product from your skincare routine isn't doing the trick, experts suggest embracing a minimalist routine that contains a hydrating cleanser, a serum with lipids or ceramides, and a simple moisturizer. (3) Slowly reintroduce products. After irritation subsides, cautiously reintroduce products and see how your skin reacts. The key is adding only one new product at a time and following package instructions closely to prevent irritation.

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