How to Treat Peeling Skin?

Is your skin shedding like a snake? Most likely, your peeling skin is from too much sun exposure, but it can also be from an autoimmune disease, medication allergy, or certain illnesses. If your peeling skin is from sunburn, follow these tips to help soothe and treat it: (1) Don't peel off your skin. Instead, let your body shed the skin on its own to prevent more damage. (2) Apply an anti-inflammatory cream or gel such as aloe vera or cortisone cream to soothe inflammation. (3) Seal in hydration with an unscented moisturizer. (4) Bathe or shower in cool water. (5) Avoid exfoliating your skin while it's peeling. (6) Stay hydrated. (7) Cover up your skin and wear SPF. UV exposure can further irritate your tender skin.

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