Over Exfoliated Skin

Exfoliation can help remove excess dead skin cell buildup on the skin's surface and in your pores. However, leaving on chemical exfoliators for too long or using overly aggressive physical exfoliators can compromise your skin barrier. Signs and symptoms of over-exfoliating your skin include redness, peeling or burning, tiny pimples, and dehydrated skin. To treat over-exfoliated skin and bring your skin barrier back to a healthy state, follow these tips: (1) Put away your exfoliants, actives, and anything that can over-stimulate your skin and switch to a hydrating and calming skincare routine. (2) Add humectants to hydrate your skin and emollients like ceramides and fatty acids to repair your skin barrier. (3) Take daily pictures of your skin to monitor its healing process. This can help you see changes you might miss with your eyes alone.

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