Oxy Cell Skincare

Oxygen plays a crucial role in skin health by improving blood cell circulation and giving the skin a plump, bright look. It promotes wound healing, kills bacteria, prevents infection, stimulates the creation of new blood vessels, and boosts growth factors that allow new skin cells to form. Often overlooked but highly potent, oxygen is a powerful addition to an effective skincare routine.

One of the blood’s essential duties is delivering oxygen to nourish each cell, tissue, and muscle group in your body. If your blood is deficient in oxygen, this will affect every aspect of your body’s function, including the skin’s many processes to maintain vitality. Improved blood cell circulation provides cells with the oxygen they need to quicken wound healing, reduce fatigue, and boost skin cell function. 

Enhancing oxygen delivery to your skin reduces fine lines, restores firmness and buoyancy, fortifies cell membranes, promotes healing of aging skin concerns, and rejuvenates a healthful glow. In this way, oxygen is an often overlooked but crucial ingredient to fully complete a skincare routine. Using oxygen-infused serums or other skincare formulas, or an oxygen facial at a salon will give your skin what it needs to uncover its best self.

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