We covered (1) physical rest, (2) mental rest, and (3) sensory rest. We will now cover the remaining types of rest. (4) Creative rest—is when you need some downtime after brainstorming ideas or trying to come up with new direction. Help your mind take a break by engaging in an immersive physical experience. (5) Emotional rest—when you've said "Yes" too many times in a day and have exhausted your emotional stores. Perhaps it's time to set boundaries over what you allow into your life. (6) Social rest—if you are an introvert or someone who doesn't feel comfortable in large crowds, you will likely feel the need to take a break from social activities from time to time. (7) Spiritual rest—is about mindfulness and engaging in whatever spiritual or meditation practice you believe in to help gain a healthy perspective on issues that might be on your mind. The next time you are feeling down, and you don't know why, think about these 7 types of rest and consider which one you might require today.

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