Skincare for Hands

Here's a gentle reminder to give your hands a little TLC with these 4 tips to help your hard-working hands stay soft and smooth. (1) Choose your hand soap carefully. Constantly washing your hands with harsh soaps can strip much-needed moisture from your skin. Instead, go for nourishing and hydrating soap to revitalize your skin barrier. (2) Try a conditioning treatment once a week. Treat your hands to a rejuvenating hand mask by slathering on your favorite hand cream and putting on cotton gloves while you sleep. This overnight treatment will leave your hands silky come morning. (3) Moisturize throughout the day. Carry around a travel-size moisturizer so you can apply it after washing your hands to save your skin from dryness. (4) Last but not least, always remember to protect your hands from UV damage by applying SPF to your fingers and backs of the hands.

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