Skincare Hygiene

We tend to overlook the importance of skincare hygiene, but it plays an essential part in any skincare regimen. Follow these 4 tips to keep your face clear of germs and your skincare routine sanitary. (1) Wash your hands thoroughly before using skincare products. Experts advise washing with a moisturizing soap for at least 20 seconds, cleaning the back of hands, wrists, and under the fingernails. (2) Use a small spatula instead of your fingers for skincare products in jars. Even if your hands are clean, bacteria from your fingers can transfer to the jar and contaminate your beauty product. Don't have a spatula? You can also use a small plastic spoon instead. (3) Apply toners with cotton pads. Not only are they practical for watery and runny textures, but you can also get rid of dust or residue you may have missed during cleansing. (4) Keep your hair out of your face to avoid transferring grease and dirt from your hair to your skin.

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