What Causes New Moles?

You're not alone if you notice a new mole on your skin. But should you be concerned? Although most moles are benign, new moles that show up in adulthood are more likely to turn cancerous. Some potential causes of benign and cancerous moles are: (1) Too much sun. Past sun exposure, sunburns, and tanning beds can cause an increase in moles, melanoma, and skin damage. (2) Genetics. If you and your family have lots of moles, it's likely related to your genetics. Similarly, people with fair skin are more prone to developing them later in life. (3) Hormonal changes. Scientists believe moles are related to hormonal shifts during puberty, menopause, or pregnancy. (4) Suppressed immune system. Sometimes moles can develop due to your body's response to medications. This is especially true for drugs that suppress the immune system.

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