on September 20, 2020


When you arrive at NEODERMA’s Experience Center in Amsterdam, the unique setting will immediately make you fall silent for a moment. The impressive history of the bastion and the green nature that literally covers the fortified ramparts... It all contributes to a great moment of peace. You will feel a tranquil breeze, a wealth of heritage, knowledge, mastership, and skill.

Wealth of heritage

The luxury skincare group has a dynamic name and powerful products. Two years ago, the manufacturer decided to establish its new Experience Center in the Netherlands, in Naarden-Vesting.

At the Vestingswal, a heritage site that was once part of the Hollandse Waterlinie, the historical qualities ​​of the past meet the contemporary, sleek house style of the brand. In the historic underground vaults, you can now experience the Cabin Concept and Spa Concept in a stylish black and white setting.

Naarden is the best-preserved fortress city in the Netherlands, and even at the European level, the star-shaped double ramparts and canals, protecting the borders of Holland, make it unique. The priceless heritage of the fortifications forms a suitable backdrop for luxury air-free skincare. For its sustainable product lines, NEODERMA Amsterdam itself also attaches great importance to the knowledge and expertise of the past. Many of the products that were launched at the time of its founding in 1992 are still very popular among both trade specialists and consumers. The manufacturer has a reputation for not going along with trends, preferring to invest time in product development, to produce improvements based on scientific knowledge and future-oriented innovations.

Future-oriented Innovations

The new Bio-Peeling Earth & Floret Editions that were recently launched are the perfect example of this. As is the beloved bestseller Blue Blood. NEODERMA holds on to the values they had 28 years ago and the highly valued natural and herbal ingredients, to produce beautiful skin-enhancing ingredients and results. With #CleanBeauty and #VeganBeauty, they introduced a solid statement for their vision. Meanwhile, the rest of the beauty industry and the consumers are convinced, but Neoderma is ahead of its time. That is what makes the innovative fortifications such an appropriate backdrop for the European brand. To develop a technically well-founded innovation of sound quality that can withstand the vagaries of time through foresight.

In addition to the training room for treatments, the beautiful location in Naarden has a theory room for giving presentations, training, and seminars. The bastion in Naarden is the Experience Center for all of Europe. In the historical vaults, distributors, professional beauty business owners, trainers, and beauticians from various countries immerse themselves in the world of high-quality beauty knowledge, premium solutions for skin problems, practice-oriented sales techniques, and relevant marketing knowledge. Where the fortress previously guarded that Dutch borders, it is now a contemporary focal point of the international beauty market. NEODERMA Amsterdam stands like a fortress!


Time to get acquainted?

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Author: Cathelijne Cras.

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