NEODERMA's Fusion Biotics

Within and beyond nature; empowering skin cleansing.

Innovative. Powerful. Game-Changing. NEODERMA Cleansers and Toning Serums don’t just purify, nourish, and finesse the skin. They unleash your confidence, reveal your radiance, and unlock your inner glow.

Galvanised by groundbreaking skincare science and advanced by innovative FUSION-BIOTICS© technology, NEODERMA Cleansers and Toning Serums present new frontiers for daily self-care. Enriched with potent active ingredients, our next-gen formula is crafted to awaken your skin and imbue it with an unmissable glow.

The result? A confident, purified, and invigorated visage. A daily skincare ritual powered by pro-biotics, electrolytes, and a precious array of potent natural ingredients. A bold new approach to natural beauty.

The future of skincare has a new name.
Future-Forward Cleansers and Toning Serums

“The needs of the modern consumer are changing”, says Andreas Loizou, CEO of NEODERMA. “Today, skincare isn’t just about the finest and most responsibly-sourced ingredients, or utilising the latest scientific innovations. It’s about pairing those factors with cruelty-free innovation, and formulating new beauty rituals that reveal the best in each and every individual.

That’s the mission of NEODERMA, and that’s what drives our groundbreaking approach”.

The time has come to revolutionise primary skincare, and to enhance the essence of daily skincare essentials. Powered by FUSION-BIOTICS© technology, NEODERMA is vegan cleansing and toning perfected, enhanced, and redefined.

The Key to Unlock Your Skincare Potential

The skincare industry thrives on dynamism, innovation, and bold new approaches to beauty and dermatology. NEODERMA, with its unique airless formula and potent blend of active ingredients, holds the key to redefining skincare essentials.

Natural beauty deserves cleansing and toning, which reveals your natural radiance. NEODERMA not only purifies the skin for targeted care, but nourishes, repairs, and finesses beyond the reach of competing moisturisers. Simply put, NEODERMA provides the basis for daily skincare perfection.

“In 2017, we began further development of our skin-improving products from our state-of-the-art laboratory. Our vision was a far-reaching one: to develop an air-free active serum that was a fusion of cleanser and toner, the very best of both worlds.

Furthermore, NEODERMA was launched to go beyond gender strictures, to appeal to truly universal skincare needs. Success has followed success, and we are now launching the world’s first Smart Living Cleansers and Toning Serums,” Loizou proudly explains.

FUSION-BIOTICS©: Fuelling Your Skin’s Awakening

Every advancement has innovation at its core. FUSION-BIOTICS© is the driving force behind the NEODERMA, imbuing our skincare products with the essence of excellence, and the formula for flawless skin.

Further explaining FUSION-BIOTICS©, Loizou says: “This tech takes a multi-faceted approach. First and foremost, electrolytes are breakfast for your skin—waking it up, revitalizing skin cells, balancing levels of hydration, and enhancing absorption of nutrients. Next, pro-biotics and pre-biotics are the reason we call this line ‘Smart Living Skincare.’ Niacinamide (vitamin B3) has been proven to be the best at regulating sebum, in addition to its profound and lasting calming effect. Finally, a high-quality vitamin C provides an enormous boost to the skin’s ability to repair itself.”

The new Cleansers and Toning Serums, just like other products from NEODERMA, come with an impressive array of explicit claims: airfree, vegan, clean-beauty, gluten-free, alcohol-free, surfactant-free, and anti-pollution.

“Along with FUSION-BIOTICS© technology, we have used our Airless production method and Airfree packaging, ensuring that the active ingredients reach the skin—without degradation or oxidation—to deliver optimal results,” Loizou emphasizes. Those results are, needless to say, highly impressive.

The exclusive range of NEODERMA Smart Skincare is available from January 2021. Get ready for an audacious approach to cleansing and rejuvenation.

Skincare reimagined for the Smart Generation.


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