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Online Interactive Masterclass


Online Interactive Masterclass

NEODERMA, as a global supplier of luxury Air-free skin-improving cosmetics, is well equipped for the harsh conditions the world is in. The first online Masterclass took place yesterday from the Flagship Experience Center in Naarden to tell beauticians all the ins and outs about the new Bio-Peelings Earth & Floret.

A beautiful and inspiring example of how we can deal with professional knowledge and training today!

The launch of the new Bio-Peeling was held at the end of January at the beautiful location of the manufacturer in the fort in Naarden, the Netherlands. After the launch, the many enthusiastic beauticians were able to register for the Master Classes to work in their salons with the new Bio-Peeling Earth & Floret. "We had already booked several masterclasses before March and April and felt that this was going to be difficult. That is why we have already looked in time for a way to offer quality to our ambitious customers remotely," explains Andreas Loizou, CEO of NEODERMA. The manufacturer already has much experience with working, training, and meeting remotely since 2015 through its international company, and IT solutions.

Small class, attention to everyone

Yesterday was the Bio-Peeling online Masterclass, and it was a great success with many enthusiastic participants. Loizou: "We were able to give our full-day training online with both a piece of theory and a practical part with a model. Just like the live training, we keep online training with a limited number of participants. Thanks to our infrastructure, participants can interact with each other and ask questions directly to the Master trainer.

The Master Classes will continue to take place in the coming period via NEODERMA's digital, interactive Master Class program.

Besides, all our protocols, online training, and webshop are available to our customers. Our online information tools are especially useful because beauticians have everything up-to-date and 24/7 at their disposal, allowing them to choose their moment to check and train things. Now with all the restrictions and discouraging live social contact, it also offers the right solution," Loizou realizes.

The new Bio-Peeling Earth & Floret

With the new Bio-Peeling Earth & Floret, the algae and plant extract carefully work together in the fight against (acne) scars and stretch marks. They provide radiant and renewed skin, combat skin aging, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation, but also improve the sagging skin of, for example, the abdomen or arms. The new peels can, therefore, be applied to much more than just the face to achieve skin improvement!

Instead of the fiery burning that can typically be experienced by the customer, with the new Bio-Peeling there is only a heat tingling of active ingredients that work in the skin and stimulate the blood circulation. After the specialized NEODERMA training and based on clear protocols, you can use the two variants as a specialist in a series of treatments or a single treatment with the peeling that best suits the skin condition and skin desire. Choose your skin!

You can register for the online knowledge and training of NEODERMA without obligation via: or contact us at or +31 (0) 20 225 1202.

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