Reinforce Protection Against Contamination

on September 20, 2020


Reinforce Protection Against Contamination

What oxygen, bacteria, and viruses do to your skincare products.

As the world braces itself for COVID-19, the World Health Organization rightly focuses on hand-washing and social distancing as the vital steps to protect from viruses. The importance and awareness of hygiene in relation to bacteria and viruses that are always around us, is slapped in our face. What about your knowledge on this subject with regards to your skincare products? It is time to take a critical look at your bathroom shelf and your own skin regime!

Are your skincare products hiding dangerous bacteria?

How many germs have access to your skincare products? First, there’s the protracted journey that skincare products take from lab to packaging center, to port transit, and then to a distributor and the store you bought it. Supply chains are susceptible to human error. And at the last leg, what if the delivery guy or shop assistant forgot to wash their hands that morning?

Second, besides the risk in the delivery chain - there's us! Bacteria on our fingertips could contaminate skin care products every time we forget to wash our hands at the start of a skincare routine. An average person touches their face 184 times per day.

According to NSF International, the No.3 item on the household germ list is the toothbrush holder, found on the bathroom shelf—often right next to one’s skincare products. And another critical fact: if one’s skincare products use plastic or glass containers with traditional tops or openings, then they are all susceptible to microbial contamination, whether from the air or one’s fingertips. Well, so much for the health news you were waiting for, right? Good news: there is a reliable alternative! For your skin health and safety, now—more than ever—is the time to switch to airless skincare products.

Airless skincare, ready to take the next steps for optimum hygiene and active ingredients

The importance of delivering formulas that are effective at minimizing bacteria, from laboratory to doorstep, has caused an industry-wide revolution in the skincare world. In fact, because of the demand for products that can claim product integrity, Transparency Market Research (TMR) estimates that the airless skincare industry will grow to $6.34 billion in sales by 2024.

The best way to deal with microbial exposure is to minimize contamination of a skincare product from the start. 'Airless Skincare' is the term applied to a range of dispensers that prevent and reduce bacteria contamination, oxidation, and ensure the integrity of the product insulated within. It achieves this through a pump system that is an upgrade on the traditional pump-action. While there are variations of airless skincare dispensers, many feature a plate mechanism that pushes the product toward the opening while preventing air from entering the container, thus circumventing contact with oxygen or germs.

Precursors in airless production and packaging

Airless production and packaging will become the dominant method used by conscientious brands within the realm of skincare and personal hygiene in the coming years. There will always be precursors who invest and innovate in the best technologies, science, and production. Naturally, it is not only about the way the product is dispensed at your bathroom shelf. In the process of composing the formula from the raw materials and active ingredients, the influence of oxygen and optimum hygiene is essential. So be smart and profit from a premium brand that offers a complete skincare line of products, instead of just a beautiful dispenser for your eye serum.

Already in 2017, luxury skincare brand NEODERMA introduced the world’s first 100% airless skincare line. This well-known manufacturer foresees the growth in awareness and, therefore, the importance of airless production, packaging, and hygienic use. In the high-end factory, the manufacturer takes care that all carefully chosen and composed ingredients are combined in innovative packaging in an optimum environment. This way, all NEODERMA skincare is safely protected in a longterm way to your bathroom shelve. After that, it is your turn: wash your hands before starting your skincare regime!


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