Niacinamides (Skin Vitamin B3)

Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, provides immediate skin-conditioning effects to your skin by reducing the appearance of overly large pores, refining skin texture, and balancing the skin. So many of the prevailing skin issues can be addressed by niacinamide treatment. This is a big claim, but one proven by years of science and research. The reason for niacinamide’s persistent popularity: the results are reliable. With NEODERMA’s FUSION-BIOTICS©, niacinamides are in combination with other A-list actives, creating one powerful and worthy addition to your daily skincare. 


  • Bolsters skin structure and surface. As we age, our skin barrier begins to thin due to collagen loss and ceramide depletion. Niacinamides amplifies the production of ceramides. This niacinamide behavior bolsters the skin’s surface, restoring and refortifying the skin barrier, making the skin less susceptible to aging-related issues and vulnerabilities.
  • A team player that amplifies other ingredients. Combined with other star actives that provide moisturizing benefits, niacinamide locks in that hydration for longer than if the hydrating element were applied without niacinamide. 
  • The secret to a youthful glow. Niacinamide plumps up skin by boosting ceramide creation, which has a plumping effect. It additionally tightens over-large pores and evens skin tone, all of which combine to provide a healthful glow to the skin. Beauty experts and skincare enthusiasts claim noticeable improvements, starting with the first application. 




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